Day 7: Marbella to MOROCCO!!

We were so close now we could almost see Morocco, nothing could stop us now! We got up and packed everything up, but as we looked out of the window we suddenly found ourselves all the way back in England – the sky was grey, the streets covered in puddles and raining raining raining (I thought the reason British tourists came here was to avoid the rain – Kat says more like ‘Costa del Rain’)

Anyway, we didn’t let this dampen (har har) our spirits and soon we were back at the side of the road with our signs. It took about an hour (during which time we were approached by a crazy Brazilian hitchhiking woman who’s tactic was to run at cars waving wildly – unfortunately she didn’t hang round long enough for us to see which tactic was better) but we were picked up by a pair of young Spanish people, who unfortunately didn’t speak any English. They took us about 30km closer to our target – almost walking distance now! We set up waiting again…

…and were soon picked up once more, this time by a pair of young Spanish ladies (again unable to speak English) in another posh Audi with a bulldog puppy in the back which we sat with (it did not like going round corners fast). Fortunately using our very limited Spanish they understood our aim, and drove via the ferry port to drop us off! We had made it! We booked onto a ferry at 3pm and waited (there was very little to do).

We got on the ferry, wandered around, browsed duty free (disappointingly little there) and after a fairly quick two and a half hours we were in Morocco! We checked into a hotel and had a bit of a wander around Tangier before eating and then sleeping (also the shower was disappointingly cold). Tomorrow we will get up early and head to Fez!

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