Day 6: Valencia to Marbella (so close…)

Well, having been up late last night to watch the fireworks and celebrations, we had an intentional(!) lie-in, before packing up and walking through the (surprisingly quite tidy) city centre to the main road to Alicante. Here we waited just under an hour (traffic was quite slow going to start with), until a Spanish guy also named Victor picked us up – he was supposed to go home to Murcia three days earlier but stayed for the festival! He also thought hitch-hiking was illegal so maybe he picked us up so we didn’t get in any trouble (it isn’t by the way, we even chatted to police back in Barcelona – unfortunately they weren’t going the right way to give us a lift)

Victor took us all the way past Alicante, chatting about his career as a chef and seemed surprised we were not hostile towards Spaniards – apparently his friends found England not very friendly when they visited :-(

We were dropped at a service station between Alicante and Murcia – although Victor was keen that we visit Murcia to get our next lift, we had had enough of trying to get out of big cities! We had some lunch and once again started waving our signs at anyone passing…

After only about half an hour (which was good as traffic was fairly slow through the service station), we were surprised – a fairly posh Audi stopped for us (we had found that posh cars do not pick up hitchhikers and try to ignore our presence completely). It was driven by a Hungarian beach-polo-loving quintuple-linguist called Robert. He was going even further than we hoped – past Malaga and all the way to Marbella, a beach town on the Costa del Sol only 50 miles from our destination of Algeciras! This journey was over 450km so took a good few hours, but was very good (lots of nice scenery and olive trees). Arriving in Marbella, we went to the supermarket for some food after a nice welcome shower (for me anyway*) and then to bed for hopefully our final day tomorrow!

* Apparently Kat had showered ‘way more recently’ than me so it was ok

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