Day 5: Barcelona to Valencia

Having waited around for so long yesterday, we decided to get an early start to get very far! Unfortunately we slept a bit too much again, as my phone had sneakily changed the time and so the alarms did not sound at the correct times.

Anyway… after yesterday’s attempts we decided to try another location; we got a Metro train to the outskirts of the city and started the wait! After not too long, we got a lift with a Spanish guy who unfortunately couldn’t speak any English, but approved of being English as he was a big Iron Maiden fan! He took us about 30km outside Barcelona, where we then waited again!

After waiting maybe 15 minutes, we got a lift with Victor, a Spanish man who described himself as a ‘Beatles fanatic’ (he’d been to Liverpool twice already, and planned to return!) He was headed just south of Tarragona, where he dropped us – unfortunately poor Victor picked up a speeding ticket along the way though :-(

From here we got a lift with Samba, who wasn’t going very far but was very chatty and spoke good English! About this time the sky was rapidly turning grey – a most unwelcome sight! After Samba dropped us off near Tortosa we waited at yet another toll booth, where it rapidly got colder and started raining :-(

We had to wait two hours, but eventually got picked up! :-)

From here we managed to get a lift all the way to Valencia (we decided, given the weather and time, that Valencia would be a good place to stop for the day), by another Spanish man (a civil engineer!), who spoke fairly good English but rang his sister to translate for us! He also drove very fast but his satnav told him where all the speed cameras were, sneaky! (We tried explaining the concept of average speed checks but they don’t seem to have them in Spain!) We even got a lift right into the centre of Valencia where we soon found out that it is the last day of the Fallas festival, so the centre was on lockdown and extremely busy with people – and we had nowhere to stay! Luckily after some searching by the support helpline back home, we found a room to stay in :-)

And this brings me to this minute where I will stop writing and start enjoying the festivities (there are lots of fireworks going on!)

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  1. Andrew Day says:

    Hope you got a nice room, glad to be of help! Sounds as if you are having a wonderful time. Can you speak Spanish yet? And you should adjust your phone time properly so you don’t keep having these ‘accidental’ lie-ins :)

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