Day 4: Toulouse to Barcelona

Well, today we had a slight ‘accidental lie-in’ as Kat calls it; she ignored the alarm and I was a bit too tired still to get up. Nevertheless, we were up and about and ready to hitch a bit after 9!

Our first lift was from Natalie, a bubbly French girl. She was heading into Toulouse but was passing by the junction to go to Carcasonne, where she dropped us. After a brief coffee break (and to upload the last 2 posts) we got back to our usual activity: standing by the side of the road. Luckily this wait was also a short one; we were picked up by a Moroccan-French (coincedence?) man who was heading to Montpellier, so he could take us to to Narbonne, where the motorway heads north to Montpellier and south to Perpignan. We were dropped off just by a toll booth, and quickly got another lift by Marie, a French lady who was headed just south of Perpigna – even going a bit further than normal to drop us at a good place which was very nice of her!

Our next lift – and last lift in France – was by a Spanish couple who were heading just south of the border; and so we found ourselves in the penultimate (hopefully!) country of our trip! We were dropped at another toll station; this seems to be a recurring thing!

Our fifth (and final) lift of the day was from Paco, who was quite literally the first car to drive by us as we stood with the signs (making this the second fastest lift hitched!) He was driving all the way to Barcelona and, very luckily, spoke very good English! (Unfortunately our knowledge of Spanish is entirely unimpressive)

Once in Barcelona our ambition to get as far as possible took over; we wanted to reach Tarragona or even Valencia! So we located a main road in the right general direction and waited and… nothing… Unfortunately it seems the better route out was the more inland motorway, which unfortunately was not within easy walking distance. So, after a long period of trying we conceded and found a hotel to stay the night. On the plus side, this did mean we could have a nice walk around Barcelona and see the Sagrada Familia – our first sightseeing of the trip!

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