Day 3: Bordeaux to Toulouse

Well after our initial success we were keen to make some good distance today! We got up nice and early, leaving the hotel at 8.15am and headed back to the service station where we were dropped.

And waited…waited…waited…

After a couple of hours it still didn’t look very hopeful, so we changed location to a nearby junction onto the main road. Unfortunately still no luck, but after moving location several times and 5 hours later we finally got a lift from a local guy who was only heading to the outskirts – but this was definitely better than nothing! Having been dropped on the main sliproad to the Toulouse road there, we quickly got another lift from a nice woman with a baby, who took us about 50km to Toulouse, to be dropped off at a large (by French standards) service station.

After a bit of waiting, we very handily got a lift all the way to Toulouse by a nice French guy, who even dropped us off right by a Hotel formule 1! Then, time for food and sleep….

Maybe Spain tomorrow….

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