Day 1: Lutterworth to Portsmouth

Well here we are sat in Portsmouth Ferry Terminal at the minute! The day has gone well we think, starting our hitch from Watford Gap services (thanks Paul!) we got a lift in a boiled egg delivery van after only about 2 minutes of waiting by a chatty Iraqi fellow. He took us to Toddington Services just south of J12, where we waited once again!

Again, we got a lift after not much waiting – a (comparitively) huge 10 minutes! This time it was in a big red lorry piloted by Ian ‘Captain’, delivering a whopping 24 ton payload of gro-bags to Hove Homebase. Even better was Ian continuing from there to give us a ride all the way to Portsmouth on his route home, so once again massive thanks to Ian!

From there a short-ish walk through the streets of Portsmouth (past the birthplace of Charles Dickens and everything) brought us here to the ferry terminal, where we set sail in 3 hours to Caen, also meeting fellow Cambridge hitchers Emma and George, who head on to Le Havre later.

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  1. Roger Warmington says:

    Like the ‘man-bag’ man!..

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